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Crawfish Tails Frozen

Louisiana Raised !
1 Pound Package

US$ 15.95


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1 Pound Package

US$ 11.00


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 1-lb. of Louisiana Raised, peeled crawfish tail meat waiting for you to create the perfect dish.
Note: There are two kinds Frozen Crawfish Tails Available.
Louisiana Crawfish and Chinese Crawfish, the Chinese Crawfish Tails are about 50% cheaper if your on a budget, but we recommend purchasing Louisiana Raised Crawfish.


(Peeled crawfish tails)

This item is available for shipment. All packages are shipped Federal Express Overnight unless otherwise indicated. All products are shipped Frozen and packed in a special insulated box to ensure the freshness upon their arrival.
All prices include Shipping Charges
10 LB. Minimum on all orders
Sorry, No C.O.D.s 
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